2-7 SEPT 2017


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Date Time Stadium     Home   Away
Sep 2 (Sat) 09:30 STW    OPENING CEREMONY
11:00 STW G1 Hong Kong VS Pakistan
15:00 STW G2 Korea VS Japan
Sep 3 (Sun) 09:00 STW   G3 Pakistan VS Korea
12:00 STW G4 Japan VS Chinese Taipei
15:00 STW G5 India VS Hong Kong
Sep 4 (Mon) 09:00  16:30 STW   G6 Pakistan VS Japan
12:00  12:30 STW G7 Hong Kong VS Chinese Taipei
15:00  14:30 STW   G8 Korea VS India
Sep 5 (Tue) 09:00  10:00 STW G9 India VS Pakistan
12:00 STW G10 Japan VS Hong Kong
15:00 STW G11 Chinese Taipei VS Korea
Sep 6 (Wed) 09:00 STW   G12 Japan VS India
12:00 STW G13 Chinese Taipei VS Pakistan
15:00 STW G14 Hong Kong VS Korea
Sep 7 (Thu) 09:00 STW   G15 Chinese Taipei VS India
18:00 Hotel   Farewell Party
Sep 8 (Fri) Departure of Teams  

Tournament system: One round robin, the winner gains 3 points and the loser gains no points. If it is a tie game, each team gains 1 point.

STW: Sai Tso Wan Recreation Ground, NO. 90 Sin Fat Road, Lam Tin, Hong Kong

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